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Stress fractures and osteoporosis are occurring at an alarming rate among both recreational and competitive endurance athletes.  These disorders exist on a continuum and result from imbalances in bone remodeling that are oftentimes induced by factors amenable to modification.  Because bone is a dynamic tissue that is governed by an athletes prevailing nutritional, hormonal, mechanical, physiological, and psychological state, a thorough understanding of how each of these interactive systems influences skeletal remodeling is important.  Accordingly, the purpose of is to provide athletes a resource that presents unbiased scientific and empirical training recommendations in order to support both endurance performance and long term skeletal health.


The information provided here is designed to compliment and expand upon a book written by Thomas (Tom) Whipple MS PT and Robert (Bob) Eckhardt PhD, The Endurance Paradox (Endurance Athlete's Guide to Bone Health).  The book is a comprehensive reference for endurance athletes, coaches, trainers, and sports medicine professionals, interested in the prevention or rehabilitation of exercise induced bone loss or stress fractures. Contributing forewords are provided by Dr. Margot Putukian MD, Director of Athletic Medicine at Princeton University, Nicholas Romanov PhD, Olympic team coach and founder of The Pose Method, and Bernd Heinrich PhD, Professor, Author, and USA ultra marathon record holder. 

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